Kokodama 15 cm industrial green mix

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Kokodama 15 cm industrial green mix Rhipsalis set of 6

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The Kokodama 15 cm industrial green mix is a Rhipsalis mix with an industrial touch. The industrial plant stand gives that industrial look and creates a stylish appareance between the natural tones of the Kokodama and Rhipsalis. And what’s even more fun, turn the industrial plant holder upside down to create a hight difference. Styling serveral Kokodama 15 cm industrial green mixes will give you the ability to play with different hights and create the ultimate urban jungle in every interior!

The Kokodama 15 cm industrial mix is a set of 6 pcs. The set price is per 6 Kokodama’s. The industrial green mix consists of at least 3 Rhipsalis species, however, the mix may vary from time to time and may differ from the images.

The industrial green mix is easy to care for. You know why? It’s because the Rhipsalis is also known as a tropical succulent. The roots of the Rhipsalis are situated in middle and southern America, where they love to climb and dangle from rocks and trees.

Would you like to expand your Rhipsalis knowdlegde? Have a look on our plant care page down below.

Rhipsalis Cassutha


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Gewicht 0,8 kg
Afmetingen 15 × 25 cm


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